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DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom
Full Color Illustrated Manual
Custom Integrated Debt Freedom Software

You are about to experience a life-changing journey to Debt Freedom  in about 5 - 7 years using the money you already make.

Hard to believe? 

I completely understand how you're feeling. 

I felt the same way too. 

But when I thoroughly understood conventional financial wisdom  and how it was being used against me to keep me in debt for a lifetime, I found that getting out of debt in 5 - 7 years was a lot easier and a lot more fun than getting into debt.

I was literally trying to house, clothe, feed, and secure my family using the most difficult strategy imaginable:

  • Working to the point of exhaustion
  • Borrowing money
  • Saving 10% of my income
All because this was what I had been told to do by money managers, financial media, friends and family.

Here's the truth... You don't have to do it in the most difficult way imaginable. 

As a matter of fact, you'll learn in my Course that 96% of Americans will not succeed financially using this strategy.

And to my way of thinking, that makes it a bad strategy.

Do you know your monthly debt service? Add up the amount of money you spend each month on:

  • Car loans, 
  • Credit cards, 
  • Charge cards, 
  • Department store charges,
  • Student loans, 
  • Home equity loans
  • Mortgages, 
  • and all  other debts...
This is your monthly debt service. 

It's a LOT of money, isn't it?

Now, suppose ALL of this money was yours to keep, save, and invest -- EVERY MONTH... for 15, 20, 30 years or more...

Would that...

  • Change your life? 
  • Tattoo a permanent smile on your face?
  • Protect you against an economic downturn?
  • Allow you to stop working for money and allow your money to start working for you a lot sooner than you planned?
When you reach Debt Freedom, this is exactly the opportunity you will create!

My dynamic new Course,

DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom

will teach you how to...

Pay Off All of Your Consumer Debt!

In 1-3 years, you can completely eliminate ALL of your consumer debt... car loans, credit cards, charge cards, student loans... or you can continue to make monthly payments, month after month after month -- literally until you die...
Burn Your 30 Year Mortgage 23 Years Early!
In another 3-4 years, you can completely pay off the 30 year mortgage on your home... or you can spend 3 times the cost of your home making monthly payments -- like everyone else you know...
Save $140,355.25 in TAX FREE Interest!
Saved money is real money! It's also tax free. When you earn it you get to keep it... but only if you stop giving it  to your creditors! 

And the surprising truth --You can do all of this with the money you already make...

It's your choice!

    You work hard for your money! You're doing all of the supposedly "right" things...
    • Saving 10% of your income
    • Flipping credit cards 
    • Paying yourself first 
    • Refinancing your mortgage
    • Getting consolidation loans
    • Pinching pennies until Lincoln screams

    But if these are the "right" things, and you've been trying to do them all of your working life, then why...
    • Are you having trouble saving 6 months of living  expenses for a rainy day?
    • Do you continue to argue about money ?
    • Are you afraid of losing your job?
    • Are you saving ONLY 10% of your earnings?

    Something's not right. You know it.  You just can't quite put your finger on it...

    Would you pay $600,000 for a $100,000 house?

    Think about this for a moment. You borrow $100,000 dollars to buy a modest  home. It will cost you  around $300,000 over the life of your mortgage! 

    Try it on your own mortgage. Just multiply the Principal & Interest payment by 360. 

    Do you think you will ever be able to sell your home for 3 TIMES what it cost you -- just to break even? 

    But, it gets worse...

    Where did your $300,000 come from? That's right. You EARNED it. 

    In fact, before ALL TAXES -- 

    • Federal income, 
    • State income, 
    • City income, 
    • Social security, 
    • Medicare, 
    • Property, 
    • Sales, 
    • Excise, 
    • and on and on...

    you have to EARN somewhere around $600,000... so that you can have $300,000 after taxes... to GIVE to the mortgage company for the $100,000 that you borrowed.


    And you end up with... NONE OF IT...

    Well... that's not completely  correct... you do have the $100,000 equity.

The Average American Family can be Debt-FREE in 6 years, 
and 11 months...
If you're the average American family, like the one profiled in  DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom, you have $118,700 in total debt. 

By following the simple, step-by-step, color-enhanced, illustrated  lessons in this course, you can be completely Debt FREE, including your mortgage, in 6 years and 11 months!

Did you know that you can finance an automobile for 72 months these days? 

That's 6 YEARS...

With the lessons you will learn in this course, you will pay off EVERYTHING -- including this automobile -- in just under 7 years!

Again, I reiterate, do all of this with the SAME MONEY YOU ARE ALREADY BRINGING HOME!

You can have the security of knowing that all of the important things in your life are yours and can't be taken away from you. 

You can sleep a little bit sounder...

You can  spend a little bit more time with your kids...

You can have fewer arguments with your spouse...

Or you can  continue to do the same things you've always done -- following conventional wisdom -- until you lose your job... lose your health... or worse.
Which way would you choose?
My name is Greg Moore. I am a Certified Financial Independence Seminar Leader. 

Elizabeth, my wife, and I chose the Debt Freedom path and became totally debt-free on July 26, 1996, paying off our last debt, our mortgage, 25 years early. 

I teach 3-hour Debt Elimination-based Financial Independence seminars at corporations, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin Community College, and churches.  I also do private consultations. 

In a Debt Elimination-based Financial Independence seminar you learn that most Americans... in fact, most wage earners in industrialized countries with a middle class -- Americans, Canadians,  Australians, New Zealanders, Europeans -- can achieve Financial Independence decades sooner than normal.

The first and crucial step is to pay off ALL of your debts as quickly as you possibly can. 

This is the exact opposite of conventional financial independence seminars which teach you to that your first step is to save money.

I designed this dynamic, step-by-step, detailed, illustrated, software-enabled, electronically delivered, Course, 

DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom

which captures  the lessons I've learned while achieving Debt Freedom and the information  I teach in my seminars so that you can achieve Debt Freedom, too!

This Course is in  Adobe Acrobat PDF format, instantly available ready to read on your screen in minutes. Or you can  print any lesson, table, form, or worksheet on your own printer.

And you access the integrated software application directly from your Course. Nothing to install. 

If you really must have a paper version, it's also available printed in the same full color of the PDF format.  Of course, you save money with the PDF format. 

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DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom

The PDF Version
Requires Windows PC and Internet Access using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 

This 237 page DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom Course contains EVERYTHING you'll need to design and maintain your personal debt freedom plan. 

You'll get:

    • Specific instructions, not touchy-feely new-age mumbo jumbo, with complete step-by-step guidance to walk you through creating your own unique debt freedom plan...It's a "How-To" manual!

    • Convenient, printable worksheets. Print once or a hundred times... as much as needed.

    • Practice  Exercises -- If you don't learn what I'm teaching you're wasting your money. I've included simple exercises (not tests) so that you can practice your new knowledge.

    • Dynamic, Real-Time Information -- This is  the beauty of Internet enabled electronic PDF documents. Your course contains links to continuously updated reference information  that you will use long after you have mastered the lessons.

    • FREE updates -- When I discover a new technique, a better idea, a new way to think about this subject, it won't cost you a dime to find out what it is. This is a perpetual course!
You'll get The DebtIntoWealth Debt FREEDOM Software Application. This revolutionary application  is integrated with your Course, unleashing the power of your computer to give you:
    • Your complete debt elimination plan, year by year and month by month ...

    • Exact priority in which to pay off your debts. It tells you how much and when, for  fastest possible payoff...

    • Simplicity.  You enter starting balances, monthly payments and interest rates for each debt, and it does the rest for you...

    • Flexibility. Life doesn't always follow the script. With a  few keystrokes you can simply and quickly adjust your plan when changes occur. A windfall like a tax rebate can be added into your debt elimination plan to help you reach your debt payoff date earlier...

    • Confidence. The software’s "what if" field will tell you how unforeseen emergency or planned large cash expenses will speed or delay your progress to financial freedom. Now you have all of the facts, today's and tomorrow's, at your fingertips...

    • FREE Software updates -- This is more magic brought to you by the Internet. When we improve the software, you get these improvements instantly,  AUTOMATICALLY and for FREE. You don't have to do anything extra.
 And that’s only the beginning!
I didn't mention the fact that the software is also used to teach you little understood concepts about Debt Cards -- if you don't know what a Debt Card is, re-read Lesson 1 -- or how taxes and mortgage interest deductions really work. 

This letter would just be too long!

You can find other debt  "books" available anywhere from $14.99 to $79.00.

You can find some debt management software too with similar pricing.

You can piece the two together yourself and pay $95 to $150. 

But, if they're  not integrated to complement each other and designed-to-teach, you end up with a  reference book that collects dust along with your other self-help books,  and mystery software that you don't know how it works. 

As I said  earlier, 

DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom

is designed to teach you how to achieve debt freedom using the exact same lessons I learned and used with great success. And your  investment is only

That's right.

For only $79 the average American family will learn how to earn through interest savings $140,355.25. Tax free. Guaranteed! 

As my father used to say, "You can't beat that with a stick!"

Well, maybe not. But I'll bet I can beat this tremendous  value by adding a 1 year FREE subscription to my monthly Newsletter!

This $99 value is yours absolutely FREE for 1 year. 

I'm not talking about some advertisement-filled fluff. My professionally produced Newsletter 

  • Keeps you current on what's happening in the financial world that will impact your debt freedom strategy...
  • Alerts you to opportunities to improve your standard of living while reducing your costs...
  • Updates you on the latest nifty software features... 
  • And most importantly, keeps you motivated to finish your journey!
Now, beat that with a stick.
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It Doesn't Matter How Much Money You Make!

Are you wondering if you can do it? If you're somehow different from that Average American Family such that it won't work for you? Well, that's only natural. But here are two reasons why I know it will...
1) It doesn't matter how much money you make or how much you owe. As long as you are able to make at least your minimum monthly payments on each of your debts, you can pay your debts off much faster than your creditors want you to! 

And if you can't make at least your minimum monthly payments, read Lesson 1 again. We have a solution for this debt opportunity, too.

Want a quick estimate of how long it will take you personally to pay off your debt? It will make your mouth fall open!

Click here now: When can I be Debt-FREE?
2) Math. These lessons turn the tables on your creditors, making Compound  Interest, a mathematical law, work for YOU.

Math does not care who uses it to their best advantage... but you should. 

Did you know...
    • Only 2% of homes in America are paid for?
    • As of 1995, 92% of U.S. family disposable income is spent on paying debts, up from 65% in 1975?
    • The average baby boomer who makes $50,000 today will need 1 Million dollars to replace that income in retirement? 

    • If this person had 20 years to retirement, they'd need to start saving $2,397 per month...each and every month...for the NEXT 20 YEARS! Here's a little secret. They'd need a lot less if they had NO DEBT.
    There you have it! 

    These amazing results will be yours if you order now...

    But wait, here's a REVOLUTIONARY FREE BONUS:

You get... ME!
From time to time I get questions from people who have tried just about every debt "management" strategy out there -- for a little while. They ask, what makes 

DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom


What they're really asking is, how can they be successful with my system  where they haven't been successful before. 

My guess... No help! 

They were sold a book or tape or video or "business opportunity", some dreams, and given a pat on the back for luck! When they inevitably ran into trouble, or life changed, who could they go to to ask questions and get some guidance?

The author? Fat chance. 

Publisher? Probably hasn't even read the book.

The power of the Internet and I have made this obstacle a thing of the past!

When you order your Course you'll get a special email address to use to ask me questions about your plan or how to handle life changes -- and believe me, your life will change -- that threaten your plan. 

It's like having your own high dollar Debt Freedom consultant -- except I won't be charging you high (or any) dollars. And, yes, people really do ask me questions -- and get answers...

"This helps me tremendously!  Thanks for the timely response & the down-to-earth answers." -Eva M. Warrick, East Leroy, MI.

Having successfully navigated the journey to debt freedom, I want to help as many people as I can who are helping themselves and their families to a better life. 

But, I'm a practical man as well, and I recognize that to do your questions justice I'll have to limit the number of  people that I make this offer to. So, this FREE BONUS offer is for a limited time, first come, first served to be on my consultation list. 

So, it's a good time to order now.

 Click here to use our secure server to order  now!

Still undecided?

Maybe Debt Freedom isn't right for you. I once talked with a lady who asked, "What's the rush...?" 

Maybe you really like:

  • Owing money
  • Not owning the roof over your head
  • Juggling bills
  • Working until you drop dead
  • Being subject to the whims of the economy -- or your boss
  • But on the off chance that you don't, here's your chance to Change Your Life!  Only you can make that decision for yourself, but I'll make it easy...
    My Better than Risk Free Guarantee!
    Following the Lessons taught in 
    DebtIntoWealth -- Lessons from My Journey To Debt Freedom,
    you will achieve Debt Freedom. I guarantee it! It will take about  30 days, and as much as  90 days, for you to establish your new habits that will lead to Debt Freedom.  That's why this guarantee is not for 30 days, or 90 days. This guarantee is for 1 FULL YEAR! Believe it. If at anytime between purchase and 1 Year you decide that Debt Freedom  is not for you, I'll send you a FULL REFUND. No questions asked!

    How can I make this fantastic Guarantee? 


    It's a mathematical certainty that if you are able to make your minimum required monthly payments on all of your debts, you can succeed with this system.

    Get started now! It costs the average American family $423.00 per day of delay in starting down their path to freedom...
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    Or call U.S.

    Or send a Personal Check or Money Order and EMAIL ADDRESS

    USD $79 
    We'll email  your access codes to you.
    Requires Windows PC, or Macintosh PC running OS-X or higher Operating System, and Internet Access using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator .


    USD $89 + $3.99 Shipping within the United States.
    Includes FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    We'll email  your access codes to you.
    equires Windows PC, or Macintosh PC running OS-X or higher Operating System, and Internet Access using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator .
      Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.
      (Shipping  USD $9.00  outside of United States)


    USD $129.00 + $5.10 Shipping
    We'll email  your access codes to you.
    Requires Windows PC, or Macintosh PC running OS-X or higher Operating System, and Internet Access using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator .
    Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.
      (Shipping  USD $25.00  outside of United States)

    2105 Elysian Fields
    SUITE 202
    AUSTIN, TX 78727

    Remember, with any of these versions  you get ME, too! But more importantly, you get to be Debt-FREE. I guarantee it! 

    You'll start to feel better immediately  as the onerous chains of debt are loosened and finally broken... for good! Call us today at 512-402-8093 or use the secure order form on the web, or drop a check in the mail today and place your order. 

    When you order the PDF version on the secure order form, you will receive access to your Course within minutes by email.

    For other orders we ship within 24 business hrs via U.S. MEDIA MAIL and confirm receipt of your order by email. 

    Yours until you're FREE.
    Greg Moore
    Certified Financial Independence Seminar Leader

    p.s. Your family depends on you for guidance and making the right choices. Teach them the financial facts of life that no one ever taught you.